07 June 2011


If the first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club then the first rule of blogging is probably don't talk about what a horrible blogger you are when you haven't written in weeks. Or really a month.

So what have I been up to in my absence?

1. I graduated from graduate school. I am officially an MSW. (and unemployed)

2. My best friend  got married to the wonderful love of her life 

3. I saw Matt Nathanson in Concert after seeing a tweet about a secret concert he was holding at a venue right in my town.

4. I traveled to reunion weekend at my favorite place on earth. 

Hows the job hunt been going?

1. Got offered a job right after my last post with a Veterans Service Organization but turned it down due to a number of reasons not the least of all is that despite saying I couldn't start until June 6. They asked me to start May 5th and asked if I could skip my graduation and leave late for my best friend's wedding in order to attend training out of state. They also wanted me to decide by 4:30 pm the day they offered me the job. It just seemed like a poor situation considering it wouldn't even give me the right experience I needed to get my license anyway.

2. Interviewed for a Bachelor's optional Social Service assistant position at the army hospital I did my internship at. The interview went really well but the man who interviewed me said that while he really really liked me and thought I would be a fantastic asset to the team taking the position would be career suicide and that I am supremely employable in my desired field as long as I'm willing to move. He also emailed a plea to other supervisory social workers for Warrior Transition units which led too....

3...a potential job offer, I am waiting to interview, but I am sure the job will be mine for the taking once we talk. It is however, not in my ideal location. I will post about this tomorrow because it deserves its own entry.

4. I also made the highly qualified list for the Substance Abuse internship program the Army is offering but I haven't been interviewed. I am not confident I will be interviewed because I heard about it the Friday before memorial day and the program starts in early July so I imagine they'd already started interviewing. I would love to be interviewed but I am not a veteran or a military spouse so I'm doubting its a go.

So thats about all to catch you up on thats happened over the last month (at least the things of significance)

Whats coming up?
-Trip to where I went to college to see some friends and old professors on Wednesday
-Mumford and Sons in Concert on Thursday
-Possibly a trip to NC (to get a shooting lesson) or an Indigo Girls concert this weekend


  1. Ah!!! I LOVE Mumford and Sons!!! So exciting you'll see them in concert!! And best of luck on the job interview for the not ideal location. I know it's far and, um, hot, but hey- it's a job, no?

  2. Go for Indigo Girls. Less driving, more fun. I'll teach you to shoot some time.