15 June 2011

Finding a little Bliss?

So I promised an entry on this potential job.

A little background, when I was beginning this job hunt I pretty much had 4 places I didn't particularly want to live:
 1. Ft Drum, NY-Its fucking freezing. I read The Day After He left for Iraq  a few years ago and she describes snow over her head and that he just sticks and stays around forever. I LOVE snow don't get me wrong. But I want it to go away between storms.
2. Ft. Bliss, TX--Its fucking hot. And next to mexico, the most Dangerous city in Mexico in fact.
3. Ft. Sill, OK--There are tornadoes. I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes.
4. Ft. Polk, LA--the US Army bought the land for this post during Vietnam because it most mimics the climate. Enough Said.

There were a couple of runners up for places I'd least like to live Ft. Riley (ex boyfriend currently stationed there and some poor memories associated with that relationship/town) and Ft. Rucker (I'm just not that into flying contraptions). But in general these were the top 4 places I'd hate to live for 2 plus years.

And of course because Murphy loves to find even not military spouses. The potential Job opportunity is at Ft. Bliss.

Awesome. My number 2 no go location.

Though to give it a fair shake, the ever wonderful Texan, The Army's Doctor's Wife said it best on twitter when she said although she and her Doctor Hubby, C were picking residency locations it was last. That it was a misunderstood city. I have been looking at Ft. Bliss's facebook pages and twitter accounts and posted to the US Military livejournal community asking about it and it sounds like while its nobody's top choice its not as horrible as all the pity looks make it seem.

I also had a nervous breakdown about the fact that its 1900 miles away from my current home.  And I would know absolutely nobody there. But after articulating these fears to the best friend and having a little cry about it it. I woke up the next morning knowing I could handle it. And if not she has graciously agreed to let me come live with her and her army hubby wherever they end up. Ha! It also helped that on my trip up to where I went to college I talked to my adviser and mentors and they told me I would be an idiot to turn down a job opportunity because it is far away. Its a great opportunity to grow and stretch as a person. They actually got me to a point where I think I could be excited about moving there.

That being said...the woman has not interviewed me yet. She has promised to interview me last week and the week before and here we are 3 weeks after her first "when are you available to talk" email with no interview. So I am waiting on that.  (and if we're being honest, its driving me nuts!)

In the mean time, I have one more person to meet with to get a sanity check form signed and then I can apply to sit for the licensing exam. I already bought some electronic flash cards that I need to put together this weekend so I can start laying out at the pool and studying them. Hey a girl's got to work on her tan and her brain at the same time!

I will be sure to keep ya'll updated as best I can! Keep your fingers crossed I get interviewed sooner rather than later.

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