02 October 2011


Forget getting a job when I get out to Washington. I'm just excited to discover my new town (well if we're getting technical the next one over) has a yogurt shop where 90% of the flavors are lactose and fat free! Which means for the first time since being diagnosed with Gastroparesis I will be able to go out on dates (with myself or others) to get ice cream! We will ignore that the high this week in Steliacoom is only 60 and its supposed to rain all week and the high for the month I'll be out there is 55 but dude! ice cream! out of the house! I think this pacific northwest kind of lifestyle is going to grow on me!

I promise I'll be back blogging with more regularity after Tuesday after I take my LMSW exam (which I'm not confident I can pass so please send good thoughts). I have a pile of tour books I'm really excited to start going through but I said I'm not allowed to look at them until I take the exam. Thanks for being patient!


  1. You'll do great! So many good thoughts coming your way. And YAY out-of-the-house ice cream! :)

  2. I love this place by the way ITGuy and I stop there often as it's walking distance from one of our margarita spots so we drink then get dessert while we're sobering up before we drive home