26 September 2011

Project Switch Coasts

This just got for serious ya'll. I just booked my ticket for my westward expansion. There is no going back now (unless the Army calls at which my followers from coast to coast will hear my scream). I leave on October 18th to spend a few days in Austin with a former coworker and some college friends and a day trip to San Antonio to visit Brooke Army Medical Center, the Alamo, The Riverwalk and an old boss. I then head to San Francisco for 4 days with Aunt and Uncle out there. This works out well as my other aunt and uncle on that side will also be in San Fran so I will get to see them. My Grandparents live in the Bay area as well and while I'm much less excited to see them (because it will spur the when am I going to get married to a nice Jewish boy conversation) it will be nice to do my familial duty and stay in the will. My Aunt's are fun and I really enjoy their company so it'll be nice. After San Fran, I head to Portland to visit with more old coworkers, friends from college and friends from graduate school. I'm still nailing down a place to stay there but I'm really excited to explore Portland. I finally land at a good college friend's house on October 28th and will crash with her until Nov 21st looking for a job and getting the lay of the land in the Pacific Northwest. At that point I'll fly back to DC for thanksgiving and hopefully have a job by then.

I still need to book a rental car for my day trip to San Antonio, my rental car for the time I'm out in Washington and a train ticket from Portland to Tacoma. And figure out how to get from the train station in Tacoma to wherever I rent a car. I also need to update my GPS, figure out what the hell I'm packing for a 6 week trip and start hard core applying to jobs in Washington.  I also have to do stuff like one last dental cleaning, making sure I have enough medication for a 6 weeks away from home, study for my LMSW exam which is a week from tomorrow (insert panic!), and do the goodbye happy hour type thing with the few friends I have around here.

And I would be lying if I wasn't nervous about making this move. But I know I have a safety net and once this all starts I know it will be amazing!

Now who has not to be missed places in Portland, Austin and San Fran?!

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