12 November 2011

30 Days of Thankful Part 2

Nov 5
I'm thankful for the friend from college and her husband who are putting me up for these 3 weeks. Its incredibly generous of them to open their home to me. 
Nov 6
To meetings with old friends. I had brunch with a grad school friend also stationed out here. The meeting didn't go as well as I'd hope (to be honest he was kind of a dick to me) but because he challenged my dreams I found myself more dedicated to making them come true. 
Nov 7
For living by the water. After a couple of frustrating days looking for jobs I a few moments at the park in my town by the Puget sound. I felt immediately relaxed and able to better face the days ahead.

Nov 8
For the Democratic process.  A friend from high school was elected to the school board in my town back home, Mississippi managed to not make a one night stand a person and Ohio beat back an anti union law. I'm grateful to live in a country with the democratic process. 

Nov 9
For living in a military community. I watched a fighter jet fly across the face of Mt. Rainier while I was thrifting. That was 15 seconds of pure beauty of both the natural and mechanical kind. 

Nov 10
For fresh food. I made dinner for my hosts this night and was able to buy salmon from a fish market that had been swimming days earlier in the waters not that far away. It wasnt cheap but it was amazing!

Nov 11
For the veterans in my life, both for their service and sacrifice and also for the privilege I have been afforded in working with, for and on behalf of them. I am so grateful to have been called for this work. And hope to be back doing it soon!

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