14 November 2011


Well we're coming up on my last week in Tacoma. I head back on Monday morning for Thanksgiving. But the big news is that I will be coming back to Tacoma for more job hunting on Dec 3rd! I found a fully furnished room in a great house (in a okay neighborhood) with 3 male roommates (a doctor, a nurse and a CPA) to rent.  The room is massive and has its own bathroom so I wont have to worry about sharing a bathroom with a boy (for a few more years :) I still haven't nailed down a car for that time. One of my good friends out here is deploying in mid Jan and will need to do something with his car so we've talked about me using it while hes gone so I would just need a car for 6 weeks or so. I am pretty sure I'm just going to rent at the very least until I figure out what I'm doing job wise. If I get a real job then I'll sell my car at home and buy something out here. But I'm not comfortable making a car payment without a salary.

Not too much to report on the job front a couple of promising nibbles that will hopefully turn into interviews here shortly. I've also put in about 15 retail applications so hopefully something will click sooner rather than later!

I realize that its pretty delayed but I hopefully will get a short cross country travel recap up in the next day or so.

Thanks for bearing with me when my life is not so exciting!

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  1. Whatevs, life is always exciting, even if it's just discovering an extra wedge of cheese that hasn't yet gone moldy that you forgot about, behind the spaghetti sauce in the fridge. Or you know, whatever. :)

    So excited for you!