05 November 2011

30 Days of Thankful

I've been seeing things going around the twittersphere and blogosphere about doing 1 thing you're thankful for each day. Since I'm not organized enough to blog about it every day (I still need to get through my weeks worth of posts about my trip out here). I figured every Friday I'd post the things I'm thankful for in the week prior.

Nov 1
I am thankful that my parents taught me to think on my feet. I had a very challenging interview on Tuesday and I was able to answer the questions well and ended up getting an offer from the job (turns out that they organization could not offer even basic benefits). 

Nov 2
I am thankful for the gift of relaxation. Before I left my temp job my boss gave me a gift card which I used in part to pay for a massage. After 2 weeks of sleeping on futons, couches and uncomfortable beds. I sorely (buh dum hum) needed it. 

Nov 3
I am thankful for incredible parents who support me turning down jobs that aren't right for me and help support me financially (through my cell phone and health insurance) during this transition. 

Nov 4
I am thankful for new friends forged through social media. I met up with KatjaMichelle today and had a wonderful conversation with her about social work, life etc. I'm grateful for a new friend in a new town! Thanks Racheal for the intro!

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