19 November 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Part 3

This is a day late because due to persistent unemployment I have no idea what day it is at any given time and totally forgot yesterday was Friday. :) 

November 12
For friends who are judgy in the good way. KatjaMichelle and I went out for a night on the town. I'm glad that I have friends who won't let me out of the house like some of the ladies at the bar. LBD with vans? White Body condom? Jersey cover up as an outfit...in Nov...in the pacific northwest...
November 13
For modern technology, one of my good friends here is training out in the Eastern part of the state (its still strange to me that the inside of a state on the west coast is the east haha) so we'd been texting a lot (hes bored and I like his company) we managed to go through 500 texts in a little over 2 weeks. Thankfully verizon was running a deal and we could switch to unlimited texts on all the phones on our plan for 8 bucks more. But now my mother can text, this might be dangerous!
November 14
For leaps of faith. I bought a 1 way plane ticket back here after thanksgiving banking on the biggest risks sometimes create the biggest rewards. 
November 15
For emails from an online dating prospect that do not include things like "nice tits" or "wanna hook up" or tYpInG lIkE ThIs. This guy seems like the real deal and I look forward to meeting him when we both return from thanskgiving travels (me back to DC him to Denmark...he totally wins cool points)
November 16
For the power of modern medicine. A bloggy love was just diagnosed with Endometrial cancer at a very young age after a very scary emergency surgery. I am grateful that shes in good medical hands and on the mend with a plan. Hopefully this will be a very scary blip on the radar of an otherwise amazing life. I'm grateful she has good doctors and is in a good place to get good care (and has good insurance!)
November 17
For the gift of service. I met with the VA to get the process started with volunteering. Volunteering in general is something that fulfills me greatly and I'm thankful for the opportunity to give back when I've been given so much.
November 18
For job interviews. I had 3 job interviews this day all for jobs I could really see myself doing. They also pay more than enough to allow me to live out here comfortably. One of them should pan out! Though I did also learn 3 interviews in one day is my limit! 

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