09 September 2011

10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

Sorry I really meant to get this posted yesterday but here in the DC area we're getting a bit of a monsoon and getting home was a disaster. Because of this you're going to get a double post today!

+ Vomit-my number one MAJOR fear. Like panic attack fear. Its actually a legitimate phobia known as emetephobia. I am significantly better than most people with the disease. I mostly just get panic if someone tells me they feel ill or if I feel ill. This makes it SUPER fun to have a disease that causes you to be nauseous constantly. I also don't feel very at ease around SUPER drunk people due to their proclivity to vomit.

+Bees/Wasp/Hornets/Things that sting. I react fairly poorly to regular bug bites but stinging insects are even worse. I don't need an epi pin or anything but they get red and huge and welty and not fun. I have been known to run away screaming and flailing.

+Never finding "the one". I sometimes fear that I am never going to meet someone who makes my heart flutter, my pupils dialate and my stomach all a twitter. But I also fear that I am not going to find the person who does all that AND wants to be with me. I've dated a lot of losers so I'm sort of loosing hope there is a winner.

+Finding "the one" too late for my dad to walk me down the isle. My ideal plan would be for both my parents to walk me down the isle as thats a Jewish tradition but also because my Mom is so important to me but Dad isn't the worlds most healthy eater so I fear that at some point his Type 2 diabetes or other health issues will cause him to not make it to my wedding.

+Breast Cancer. My grandmothers both died from Breast Cancer (one just after age 40), my mom and maternal aunt are survivors as well as some cousins. I've already had one scare and will have to be checked closely as I age. My boobs and I are on tenous terms. If they don't watch it they're going to meet an untimely demise.

+Squishy Lake Mud. On a less serious note. I am really really squicked out by the squishy lake mud with like reeds and stuff in it that you have to walk through in order to wade into a lake. Honestly I prefer to not walk through a lake if I can help it and rather just jump off a dock.

+Revolving doors. This is an completely irrational fear but I cannot go through a revolving door if there are other people going through. I end up standing outside one like an idiot waiting for a break in the "traffic" so I can go through solo. Or I just use the door.

+Not Making a difference. My soul purpose in life is to make a difference in the lives of others. Sometimes I fear what I'm doing isn't/won't be enough and I'm not making enough of an impact.

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