13 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 5 foods

Again the challenge is a bit vague so I am going to pick 5 foods that I miss a lot now that I have gastroparesis and can't eat a lot of the (fatty) amazing things I used to eat.

+Burgers-Red meat is out of the question because for the most part its too high in fat. I really miss bacon blue cheese burgers but any burger would do!

+Broccoli- I LOVE broccoli but its too fibrous and hard to digest for my poor broken digestion.

+Chicken Divan-in my family we call it chicken cheese and broccoli but its real name is Chicken Divan. Its one of my favorite meals ever. But as it includes velveeta, creme of mushroom soup, and chicken and broccoli its got way to much fat/fiber

+Ham Casserole-this is another family creation but involves creme of mushroom soup, noodles, ham, swiss cheese and its all kinds of amazing. But its got WAY to much fat and dairy for me!

+French fries-I've been able to sneak a few here and there in but I would kill for a big giant plate of steak fries with some ketchup and mayonnaise and just eat them for dinner. 

1 comment:

  1. So I looked at a few of these and went "mmm" like the chicken divan and broccoli...and the the rest I either went "meh" or "EW." Ham casserole? Gross, lady. I'm sorry you can't eat your faves, though. :(