06 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

In an attempt to blog more regularly and personally I am going to attempt this 10 day challenge. I have also been given more hours at my temp job and no additional work so it will give me something to do in the excessive amounts of down time.

+ Sometimes I forget to shower for more days in a row then I would like to admit. Like its gotten to the point where I have forgotten the last time I showered. I never smell and its never when I've been sweaty or dirty or anything but on an average temperate week I might only shower twice. 

+ I joke around with my mother about my future children. Talk about how I want to have girls so I can send them to the camp I went to growing up. But honestly, I am not even sure I want children. I am afraid I am too selfish to give up part of my life and my heart to a little person who could break my heart into a million pieces. Or keep me from traveling on a whim. 

+ Despite the fact that I've lost 30 pounds over the last year due to being sick and that I eat very low fat and very little food in general. I still think that people judge my food choices at restaurants because I am still slightly overweight.

+ I love excel. I know this makes me incredibly nerdy. But I really enjoy manipulating data and organizing it. 

+ Along the same lines, I have tracked every book I've read--title, author and page numbers and now month finished--since I graduated from college in an excel spreadsheet. This is partially just to track it for my own knowledge (and prevent from reread) and partially to challenge myself. But its also been really interesting to see where my interests have shifted over the last 4 years. I have read well over 200 books not including required reading for school.

+ In 3rd grade, faked a stomach ache to get out of a spelling test. Its the only time I have faked sick in my entire life. I'm a terrible speller but I don't remember what about that particular spelling test had me so freaked out.

+I have never seen a single Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones movie. I don't really regret this fact.

+  I got dumped a week into college (by a Marine that I met at a night club about a month before) and am pretty sure that is the major reason I failed organic chemistry and had to drop premed. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been a doctor if I had not met him. (Honestly, unlikely as I had not taken chem in high school and Ochem was WAY over my head)

+ I have insane road rage. Like sometimes I wish people dead or wish that I could go all Towanda on their asses in parking lots. 

+ Sometimes I think God made me fat because he knew that I would dress incredibly provocatively if I had a better body! 

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