15 September 2011

10 Day you challenge: 3 Films

Picking 3 films is a toughie. But somebody's got to do it!

+Grease. I can watch this on mute and still say  most of the dialogue. My childhood best friend and I used to watch this obsessively on repeat. I will admit that in high school I realized that they were talking about sex a lot more in this movie then I had realized at 8 or 9. Every time I watch it I find more things that totally flew over my head as a kid.

+A League of Their Own-I loved playing softball growing up and this movie served as inspiration and aspiration. A couple of summers ago we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame and I was so excited to see the AAGPBL exhibit that they show in the movie. Yeah...there is a tiny corner. It was really disappointing.

 +Love Actually. This movie gives me total hope that despite all the odds Love will find a way. Its a must every Christmas season and generally whenever I'm getting sad at the state of my life.

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