14 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 4 Books

Oh god just picking 4 books will be nearly impossible. I think I'll narrow this one down and talk about the 4 series that helped develop me into a good reader as a child. 

+Boxcar Children. This was probably the first series of books I got into as a kid and I own about the first 100 of them. I read them way longer then was appropriate and cannot wait to pass them on to a important child in my life. I love their independence and the mysteries they solved. I always wanted them to turn it into a movie (preferably starring me!)

+Sweet Valley Twins/High-These girls seemed SO cool and awesome and I wanted to be like them. Their life seemed so glamerous. Also during summer camp these books were often read out loud around campfires and overnights.

+Babysitters Club-Who didn't want to have babysitters like them? The TV series was also one of my favorites and on vacation in early high school I met the girl who played Kristy in the series. I loved babysitting as a tween and teen so I wanted to be like these girls!

+Goosebumps. These were always a little gross for me but I liked the scary murdery mystery part of them.

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  1. Omg, I loved sweet valley. I always wanted to be Elizabeth. You read the grown up book recently, yes?