09 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 7 wants

Oh hey 2nd post in one day. Sorry about that! I'll be back to my regular once a day tomorrow but now I'm all caught up! Also, I am sort of sad how quickly I came up with these. I need to work on being more satisfied with what I've got that's for sure!

+A Job. Preferably doing social work with veterans or active duty servicemembers. My dream job would be working with severely wounded servicemembers and their families as a recovery care coordinator.

+For the Army to make a decision. I have been pending for almost 2 months on a dream job doing substance abuse work with Active Duty servicemembers. I have felt paralyzed waiting on this decision.

+A Boyfriend. For the companionship and the um...fringe benefits.

+A good group of friends who live close by. I have lots of friends from high school, college, camp etc but for the most part they're all scattered across the US. I don't have a lot of close friends here in DC. I have a few people I talk to and hang out with regularly-ish but they're more the happy hour once a month friends then the drop everything if your car gets a flat friends. Those are the kind of friends I'm desperate for.

+A New Car. My currently car is still in fantastic shape so this is truely a want rather a need but its 11 years old and looks like its been through ramallah due to an unfortunate run in with a hail storm about a year ago. I'd really like to get a small SUV (like a RAV-4 or something)

+A new stomach. Things have been going pretty well these days but it would still be fantastic to wake up every day knowing that no matter what I ate as long as it wasn't rotten I would feel okay.

+A fancy set of kitchen knifes. I love to cook and my parents have a great set of cutco knives that I love using when home. Where as I am using old hand me downs from my grandfather's apartment and ones I bought in college at the Wal-Mart. I'd love a great fancy set of knives.

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