07 September 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

+Hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate in all forms and from most places. I adore it with Hazelnut syrup (tastes like Nuetella) or with Peppermint Syrup (melted thin mints!) 

+Flip Flops. Specifically, the reefs pictured below

+ Fire Trucks and ambulances. I worked and volunteered in college as an EMT and sirens still get me excited. Which is an interesting departure from earlier days when the noises were too loud and I would hide.

+Peace Signs. I have peace sign purse, shirts, jewelry etc. I like it both for its history and for pure aesthetic sense.  

+The Military.  This should come as no great surprise considering my career goals. But it has to be said of course

+Music. Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Blues, Pop, Dance Hall. I pretty much love it all. A day is not complete with a little music. Today I forgot my headphones in the car (must remember to get a pair just for work) and it made me sad because I couldn't rock out to Pandora today while doing data entry.

+Books/Reading. Reading has been my escape for as long as I can remember. I love book stores and I always have a book in my purse. Though with the kindle now I have 15-20 books in my purse at any given time. It is FANTASTIC.

+ Sweatpants. I can get dolled up like the best of them but if we're really being honest with ourselves I would love a job where I could wear big giant sweatpants all day. I tend to buy them a couple of sizes too big so that they feel like big hugs.

(hey look military a sweatpants! 2 in one)

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